Extreme Range

The LP Extreme range is the premier in supports design. Each Extreme support has an innovative layer of Coolprene® material developed by LP’s medical consultant team based on the theories of kinetics.

CoolPrene® dissipates heat during use through grooves and venting holes in the material which work in a pumping action when the joint moves.  This helps reduce or avoid undue perspiration and heat discomfort, especially during prolonged use.


CoolPrene® provides a comfort and protective environment for users. When wearing CoolPrene® product, the pain and fatigue caused by the injury will get relieved, and the recovery of injured joint and muscle will be be facilitated. During exercise, CoolPrene® gives the joint more stability to support and prevent body from injury. CoolPrene® not only focuses on the symptoms release of injury, but also the prevention of all the benefits, CoolPrene® creates the dynamic protection for users.


CoolPrene® support was stretched bi-directionally to create a pumping action during movement and muscle contraction. The perforated slits dissipated the heat and sweat out from the body. When returning to its original position, the channels of CoolPrene® absorb fresh and cool air through the slit.


CoolPrene® stretches and rebounds during exercise and muscle contraction. The diamond-shaped grids generate a compression force and a superficial massaging effect on the muscle to release pain and tightness, meanwhile increase circulation, decrease fatigue and enhance muscle and joint flexibility.


CoolPrene®’s diamond-shaped grids and grooves increase the contact area to the skin and grip closely to the skin, creating friction to prevent slipping. Even with sweat channeling between the CoolPrene® material and the skin, CoolPrene® support provides stability and protection without slipping off.


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X-Tremus Range

LP’s X-Tremus range was developed by sports medicine specialists to provide comprehensive protection for all level of athletes providing support and protection from sports injuries.

Using cutting edge 3-D technology, the 3-Dimension knitting mode combined with the 3-Density knitting levels will not only provide you with appropriate support and protection, it will also enhance your athletic performance and joint stability thanks to our unique M.S.D innovation.



The high density knitting of the Magic Power Band helps to store energy when the muscles contract and the joint flexes, and then release the stored energy by improving the explosive motion when the joint extends to benefit sports performance.


The medium density contour is designed to fit the body structure to help safely stabilise the body structure, enhance performance and prevent sports injuries.


The high permeability fabric helps relieve the undue pressure, firmly support muscle and provides superior comfort and better breathability.


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EmbioZ Range

LP EmbioZ inspires extraordinary possibilities and enhances sports performance with a seamless compression design combined with our special Power & Comfort Systems.

The Power System series stabilizes and supports specific joints and muscles and adjusts movement patterns to improve coordination and increase muscle force and endurance. In addition, the brilliant Comfort System wicks away sweat and ventilates quickly to keep the body dry and help maintain appropriate temperature during training.


LP developed this unique design, Power Band and Square Boffer that work together as Targeted Support to help athletes keep stable, awaken proprioception, improve coordination, store muscle force and increase endurance. The Thermoregulatory System helps athletes manage moisture and heat and maintain ideal body temparture while offering optimal wearing comfort.

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