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Core Brace



These Arch orthotics insoles provide accessory foam pads on the heel and forefoot areas for shock adsorption/cushioning and propulsion.  Heel-to-Arch support system provides firm support for longitudinal arch and heel stability.  Reinforced cupped design offers additional stability and prevents heel from varus and valgus abnormality.  Ideal plantar support system helps regulate the distribution of pressure on the foot. Helps with symptoms and injuries such as: Heel pain and/or bottom of foot, Planta Faciousus, Iliotibial band syndrome, Foot pain on the outer side just above the kneecap, Pain/tenderness along the inner shin, and Shin splints.

Arch Support Sizing

                USA                    EURO      UK

       M5-7  W6.5-8.5         37-40      4-6

M        M8-10 W9.5-11.5      41-43      7-9

       M11-13                     45-47      10-12

Orthotics Insoles Washing

Hand wash product with warm water and mild soap.  Rinse thoroughly. Lay flat on a clean towel to remove excess moisture then air dry completely before re-use. Keep away from direct heat and sunlight.

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